Getting chic, eco-friendly furniture in Malaysia

Getting green furniture for your homes is not an easy task. There’s just so many things to consider in order to be environmentally-savvy when furnishing your living spaces (which is why we came up with this list!).

But, don’t let the extra effort get you down. It’s worth all the blood, sweat, tears and money when you have beautiful pieces of furniture in your home.

If you’re furnishing a house in Malaysia, you’re in luck. Here’s a list of our favourite places to get eco-friendly furniture — which ticks *all* our green boxes — right here on our shores.

#1: Harith Green Carpenter

Whether you’re looking for a custom television console or a bar table set, Harith Green Carpenter is likely the droid you’re looking for.

Source: @harithgreencarpenter

Founded by Harith Ridzuan, a green carpenter (as the name suggests!), the company is focused on upcycling reclaimed wood construction waste (wood pallets and metals) into functional yet artsy furniture. Consider it an added bonus that the seasoned woodworker from Kuala Lumpur has had notable collaborations with Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur, FABSPY as well as cafes like Mukha and Souka.

Follow them on Facebook ( and Instagram (@harithgreencarpenter) for their latest shenanigans — between new collaborations and furniture fairs, you’ll soon realise that you don’t have to sacrifice style to go green with your furniture.

#2: Waris Papan

Boring wood pallets and wood pieces are given a new lease on life right here at Waris Papan — just check out their pallet coffee table.

Source: @warispapan

Founder Ahmad Rosisi established the woodworking company in July 2014 with a mission of “giving abandoned wood a second life”. Be it pine wood or wood pallets, the company strives to do good by Mother Earth through their furniture.

The best part? The pieces are iconic and yet give off a vintage or rustic vibe that’ll put them right at home in your humble abodes. If you’re curious to find out more, be sure to follow them on Facebook ( and Instagram (@warispapan).

#3: Lisasahar Furniture

If you’re furnishing your house, bespoke furniture — a house bed frame, rustic wood tile bench or even signages — from Lishasahar Furniture might be just what you need.


The company started when Lisha and her husband participated in a food bazaar — where their homemade furniture drew more attention than the meatballs they had for sale. Lisha’s foray into furniture making may have been a happy accident but this is now their core business.

Quite a number of her pieces are made out of reclaimed pine (at the customer’s request), as pine wood is lighter, more tender, easier to work with and helps reduce environmental waste. Yes, as it is custom made, you can request for pretty much any material that suits your fancy, so you should definitely do your homework on environmentally-friendly furniture before making your order.

Keep up with them on Facebook ( and Instagram (

#4: ZVW +4inci3hun

Artisanal carpentry gets brought to life with 4 inci 3 hun, whether it’s “sofa tong” (metal barrel sofas) or planter boxes.

Bar Stool(hitamputih) #zvw #4inci3hun #bengkelatasbukit #woodworking #customfurniture

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wash area… #zvw #4inci3hun

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Source: @zvw.4inci3hun

The four-year-old venture by Zulkefli Ali and his brother Muhammad Khairul Ali has major appeal among those who have a soft spot for beautifully-made wooden furniture. Yes, they definitely have a penchant for reclaimed and new pine wood!

The team provides interior designing services, too, which only serve to complement their skillful craftsmanship and commitment to precision. It’s even in their name — “hun” is a traditional Chinese style of measuring, well-known among the older generation of carpenters.

Their simple yet sleek-looking pieces are splashed across edgy (we say hipster!) joints like The Garage KL. Check out their Facebook ( and Instagram (@zvw.4inci3hun) for more of their work.

#5: The Wooden Stack

Simple. Functional. Beautiful. Judging by the pieces (like this crafts table and pet bed) The Wooden Stack has put out, this would seem to be their tagline.

Done!…. #tws #twsco #thewoodenstack #thewoodenstackfurniture #wallpanel

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You may have seen The Wooden Stack’s work at a bazaar in the Klang Valley or on a kiosk in a shopping mall, but there’s more to the company than meets the eye. They’re a reliable source for eco-friendly yet unique wood “backdrops” and signboards made out of new or reclaimed pine wood. And if you’re into cats, you’ll be happy to note thats cats love their furniture too!  

Want to see their previously-made pieces up close? You can find their craft at the Base26 event space as well as at Labour and Company. You can also keep tabs on their updates on Facebook ( and Instagram (  

#6: Fine Grit Studio

Precision and fine craftsmanship take centrestage at Fine Grit Studio  — I mean, just look at their pieces like this game table-slash-dining table. It is to die for!

Source: @finegritstudio

Established in October 2014, Daniel Salehuddin and Khairul Asyraf Zulkifli, two talented craftsmen, decided to join forces in the creation of intricately designed woodcraft and furniture with a touch of minimalist modernism.

If you’re furniture hunting, you will be thankful for their custom-made artistry, driven by their passion and obsession with all things wood. This enables them to create one-of-a-kind, truly Malaysian furniture products that will be a beautiful addition to any home.

Got a wood-on for them? Follow them on Facebook ( as well as Instagram (@finegritstudio).


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