8 places you SHOULD clean today

Tis’ the season for open houses — having friends and family come over and make themselves at home. Exciting, no? While this “tradition” is not necessarily limited to the Chinese New Year celebrations, there is a Chinese superstition that sweeping or cleaning on New Year’s’ day equals to sweeping away your luck or wealth.

Whether you want to rebel against this tradition by cleaning anyway or if you’re just a clean freak (hey, we don’t judge!), here are some places people often forget to clean that you really should start cleaning today.  


#1: Gadget screens



You might have a spanking clean house, but your computers, gadgets and television screens are bound to get a little dirty. Using a soapy solution with copious amounts of water or Windex might work on your glass mirrors and windows, but they’re going ruin your gadgets if you employ the same method.

Thankfully, there are ways to clean them without damaging them forever.


#2: Fabrics


Between the curtains and pillow covers in your home, there is a vast amount of fabric that is essentially a trap for everything from pollen and dust mites to dead skin cells, bacteria and *gasp* even mold.

They might look clean to the naked eye, but take it upon yourself to clean fabrics regularly — anything that gets the job done, be it periodic laundering, professional cleaning or even just a regular vacuum once-over.


#3: Knobs, Handles, and Switches


These are just a few of the things you touch every single day, and yet most people neglect to clean them. Keep germs at bay from these high-traffic areas by regularly disinfecting them (spray a cloth with a disinfectant or cleaning liquid and wipe down the surface) as well as using cotton buds dipped in alcohol to get rid of all the dirt – even the ones wedged in the tiniest of cracks.


#4: Doors


It’s hard to remember how often you clean your doors, but the scuffs, dirt and sticky hand prints are hard to ignore. As a door is how you or your guests enter a new room or even your home, it is the first thing they see.

Ensure a good first impression by cleaning your doors regularly! Plus, door frames are essential to making sure your doors open and close properly so it is essential that they are clean, too.


#5: Beds

After a long day, few things are better than snuggling up in bed. While most of us remember to wash our sheets regularly, the state of the mattress itself is often put on the back burner.

Flip over your mattress every six months to get rid of dust mites and to prevent sagging. Consider deodorizing your mattress, too — future you will be thankful for both the clean sheets and fresh bed!


#6: Toothbrush holders



Toothbrushes get swapped out regularly in most households, but the very container that holds these daily staple often gets sidelined. Unfortunately, toothbrush holders are home to germs, bacteria and even mold that could infect your toothbrush (and eventually your teeth and gums!) in the long run. Clean it as often as you swap out toothbrushes, if not more often.


#7: Cupboards and drawers


Cleaning every nook and cranny of your cupboards and drawers is a bigger job than any other thing on this list, especially if you haven’t touched them with a cleaning tool in awhile. However, it’s not an impossible feat. One simple way to do this is to pull everything out of your drawers and wipe every each surface down every two to four months.  


#8: Over and under


Missing a spot while cleaning is common — but, the hard-to-reach tops and bottoms of shelves and various kitchen appliances almost certainly get overlooked especially if you’re in a rush during your spring-cleaning sessions.

Remind yourself to clean on top and beneath bulky items the next time you clean as the accumulation of dust and dirt in these easy-to-miss places can be a recipe for disaster.



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