How to Get Motivated to Clean


With 2017 beckoning, most of us find ourselves in the midst of coming up with New Year resolutions — which could include having a clean(er) house.

It’s all fun and games until you realise how much you sweat the small stuff and struggle with making cleaning a light-hearted and fun affair. The truth is this: sprucing up your humble abode doesn’t have to stress you out, so don’t be intimidated by people who always seem to have flawlessly clean homes — they just happen to know a thing or two that you don’t (yet)!

If you still find yourself dragging your feet at the idea of cleaning,  here are some ways to motivate yourself to enjoy your journey to a cleaner home.

#1: Block off your time

If you keep putting off your “cleaning time”, the whole week will eventually slip by before you know it. As such, it is important to set aside some time every week to spruce things up — an hour is a good amount of time to start with. Besides, it’s a proven fact that what gets scheduled has a better chance of being done! Another helpful tip? Start cleaning at the start of the day. The rest of your day will be a breeze once you know that you’ve taken care of the big, sometimes overwhelming task that comes with cleaning your home.

#2: Turn up the music


In Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, there is a scene where Snow White and all the creatures of the forest whistled while they worked. Just putting a little background music to their otherwise mundane (and tedious) everyday tasks made it seem enjoyable.

So, what are you waiting for? Put on your dancing (and cleaning!) shoes, create a few playlists to pump you up, and make cleaning fun again. For those of you who aren’t big music fans, you could also catch up on some great ebooks while you clean.

#3: Ask for help




If you’ve decided to start striving for a cleaner home, it’s time to bring in reinforcements. And by reinforcements, we mean other people, because what better way to keep you focused on the task at hand than someone else you’ve specifically recruited to help you clean?

It might not always be possible, but cleaning the house is the responsibility of everyone who lives there, be it your spouse, children, parents, or housemates. Think about it — having just one extra set of hands on deck will help you cut your cleaning time in half! If you live alone, you can ask a friend who also lives alone if they want to do a cleaning “trade-off”, where you help them clean and they help you.

#4: Keep your eyes on the prize



Now that you’re all ready to clean, perhaps the reward of having a clean house at the end of the day is not enough to motivate you to finish the task. Try treating yourself — you deserve a pat-on-the-back at the end of a successful cleaning session. Maybe the idea of having a fresh bouquet of flowers or that outfit you’ve been dying to get will be the motivation you need to hustle!

Pro-tip: For maximum effectiveness, get your friend who’s helping you out accountable for the reward too. And remember — sharing is caring.

#5: Plan ahead



Let’s face it. No one really likes spring cleaning. There’s a host of other things we’d rather be doing — none of which involve sweeping, mopping, wiping down surfaces, doing laundry, and the like. A quick Google search will turn up tons of cleaning hacks for people who hate cleaning or for people who are just lazy. Ultimately though, anticipating your “messes” and finding ways to mitigate them in advance (i.e.: investing in storage solutions and employing easy, no-effort cleaning tips on a regular basis) will help you reduce the frequency of your spring cleaning session.


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