Weekend cleaning project – Christmas edition

As we approach the most magical time of the year a.k.a Christmas, we’re also preparing our hearts for love, the joy of giving and not forgetting – our stomach for scrumptious meals.

Let’s not forget to prepare something else too – our homes!

Here are some weekend cleaning projects to spruce up our homes just in time for Christmas!

Week 1



Before you put up your Christmas tree or hang your stockings, let’s give the house a sweep and it’s a great time to rearrange your furniture if you feel like it!

First, try to find a system that works as vacuuming and mopping the floors isn’t the most “fun” activity to do during the weekend. One option is starting from the rooms at the back of the house and working your way to the front.

Turn this cleaning experience into something fun for the whole family by blasting some dance music or something the whole family can sing along to.

Clean under the furniture, wipe the tables, scrub the fan blades, anything goes. Remember to get Nanoaire’s Floor Cleaner for a sparkling clean floor and move your furniture around to get into those tight spots!


Week 2



Moving on, let’s focus on the windows to light up the house and make it more welcoming too!

Before you begin, remember to leave a beach towel along the wall. This is to ensure that while cleaning, the towel will absorb the water and keep the floor from getting too wet while you’re at work.

Grab your gloves, a sponge or cloth (whichever is preferred), Nanoaire’s All Purpose Cleaner and you’re good to go. The All Purpose Cleaner cleans on multiple surfaces and packs a punch with APG (plant glucose) and Tea Tree (Melaleuca) oil.

Remember to polish the glass when it’s nearly dry with a piece of newspaper for an extra shine this Christmas!

This is also a good time to give your curtains a wash and change it to a Christmassy one.

Addition: You can also purchase Christmas decals to give your windows an extra Christmassy feel. Add some snowflakes to make it look like you’re in Winter Wonderland. Plus, it’s easier to remove these decals once you’re done. No hassle.

Week 3



The FINAL week before Christmas is crucial.

This is the time to put up any last minute decorations and… don’t forget to clean parts of your house that’s often neglected.

This includes the cobwebs up in the corners of your house, windowstill, your curtains, shower curtains and not forgetting, the porch! Just have a quick look and don’t forget to sanitize your hands with Nanoaire’s Hand Sanitizer Germ Buster!


Christmas, here we come!




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