Cleaning pet peeves

Whether you’re living on your own or with a big household, cleaning often feels like a tedious job but someone has to do it.

Not everyone likes to clean but here are some of the pet peeves we just can’t shrug off!

C’mon guys, can you all let us clean in peace?!

Crumbs on the bed



Don’t you just love your bedroom? It’s the best place to wind down after a long day.

That is why eating in the bedroom should be off-limits. It’s unhygienic and it attracts unwanted visitors (think creepy crawlies). Imagine making the bed and finding crumbs all over! Not only that, you have to spend more time cleaning the crumbs instead of just making the bed like you’re supposed to.



Leaving food packets wide open




Whether it’s chips or cereal, leaving it wide open after you’re done with it is a bad idea. Not only are you inviting ants, you’re also allowing food to go stale!

The worst part is when someone unknowingly knocks it over at home and you have a mess to clean up.

There’s no need to leave food packets open unless you’re 100% sure you’re going to finish it!


Hair stuck in the shower drains

Just the thought of this is gross but…someone has to do the job. Instead of allowing the hair to clog up over time, how about cleaning after you’re done showering?

That saves the hassle and the idea of picking up clogged up hair…OK, I think you get the idea!

ps. Skipped the picture for this part because it is difficult to stomach. *shudders*


Stains left unnoticed



We often try to hide the “crime” whenever we do anything wrong at home. However, if it causes a stain, let’s not pretend that it didn’t happen.

Stains WILL discolour carpets and fabric, especially if it’s left unattended. Let’s just do everyone a favour and work towards fixing the problem before it gets worst!


Wet towels on the bathroom floor




A warm and dry towel after we’re done showering? Yes, please!

While this is ideal, some people just don’t like to keep it that way. They rather shower and after they are done, the towel is either left on the floor (by accident sometimes) or bunched up on the hangers so that it doesn’t dry properly!

This means that whoever is cleaning up has to do double the work, washing the towels again every other day. Let’s try to give them a break OK?



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