DIY your lampshade with less than RM20

Tired of the same ol’ designs available for lamps? Or just not willing to pay a hefty sum for a unique lamp?

We understand your woes and we have the solution!

Instead of worrying, it’s time to take things into our own hands. Let’s get our DIY caps on and learn how to DIY our lampshade. This can be done with items available at home or found in Malaysia for a very very low price.

Washi tapes


Ahh, the wonders of washi tapes!

Who doesn’t love it? There are so many designs to choose from and there’s endless projects to do with just a handful of washi tapes.

It’s also one of the easiest ways to decorate your lamp shade. Grab some washi tapes (preferably something that matches your lamp shade) and go wild!

Alternate option: You can opt for fabric tape which is slightly more durable and long-lasting compared to the washi tape.

Cost: The price of one washi tape starts at RM5.


Cardboard moustache

Calling all hipsters!

All you need is a black cardboard/thick paper cutout of a moustache and you’re good to go. Once you have the cutout, stick on the desired area of the lampshade using glue.

It definitely adds “life” to your lamp.

Cost: You can find cardboards from as low as RM1 from bookstores.


Fabric markers


Show off your creative side by doodling on your lampshade.

Just pick up a fabric marker and let those creative juices flow and transform an ordinary lampshade into something fun to look at!

Cost: You can find fabric markers by Sharpie (Brush Tip Fabric Markers) sold at bookstores at RM18.90.



If you have some spare buttons lying around at home (those that fall out from your shirt or pants and refuse to say on your clothes), it’s time to put them to good use.

Choose any design or shape and hot-glue those buttons to the lampshade! It’s quirky but a fun way to upgrade your lampshade!

Cost: Free if you have buttons lying around at home.





Growing up, some of you might remember using yarn for art projects before. Some projects involved students wrapping yarn around a small bottle and then painting/drawing over it.

You can choose to do the same with your lampshade.

Pick a colour (or colours), buy your yarn and glue it to the surface of the lampshade. Don’t leave any gaps in between the yarn or else it’s going to look messy.

Cost: You can find some yarn at Daiso for RM5.30.



All the best!


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