Five tips to help make cleaning up easier and more enjoyable

Let’s face it – nobody really likes cleaning. The hours you would spend vacuuming and wiping and mopping dirty surfaces could be better used for more fun things like catching up on your favourite television series or spending time with your loved ones. But, cleaning doesn’t have to *always* be tedious.

Here, we have five easy tips to help make your next cleaning-up session much more enjoyable.

#1: Use cleaning wipes (or better yet, make your own!)

Cleaning wipes make cleaning on-the-go – i.e.: a quick wipe down of the bathroom or the kitchen counter and table after you use it – much more hassle free. The best part about doing this? Your “spring cleaning sessions” will be fewer and further in between.

You could easily grab a few packets of cleaning wipes from the supermarket, or you could even try making your own. If you’re interested in doing it yourself, give this DIY cleaning wipes tutorial from Fabulessly Frugal a go – they are cheap, easy and effective!

#2: Use tape or a lint roller

Whether it’s dust, hair, fur or crumbs, using a conventional broom and dustpan (or even vacuum cleaner) to clean it up can be too time-consuming for you to be bothered with.

Enter: a lint roller. Or even tape.

Just use the sticky surface to do a quick clean-up, throw the dirty bits away, and voila!

#3: Lemon to the rescue

This unassuming, citrusy fruit can be turned into a thirst-quenching drink…. or to clean your home. We’re not pulling your leg here – the high acidity of lemons make this fruit a great, all-natural “cleaning tool”.

So, the next time you’re at the grocery store, grab a few lemons and knock yourselves out. For starters, you can use it to remove stains, make your stainless steel sink cleaner, as well as to refresh your microwave. The possibilities are endless!

#4: Use (and reuse) dryer sheets


Surprisingly, dryer sheets have so much more potential than simply giving your clothes a good, fresh scent as well as eliminating any static cling from your clothes.

Some clever uses for dryer sheets (even used ones!) include removing scum rings in the bathroom and keeping dust off of blinds, curtains and other furniture. The fibres in the sheet grabs onto almost anything (read: dust and hair included!) and the chemicals which soften your clothes also softens the dirt.

#5: Put on a mop suit or sweeper socks!

Okay picture this: you’re relaxing on your couch after a long day of work. The last thing you want to do? Clean, of course. But, throw on a pair of these socks and as you go about your after-work routine – whether it’s cooking dinner, checking out what’s in the fridge for the umpteenth time or just walking around the house – you’ll be cleaning as you go.

The science behind it? The sock generates a tiny amount of static electricity that helps keep dust on the sock, so once you’re done for the day, you can just shake off the dust into a trash can and throw the socks into the washing machine!

Bonus tip: You could also get your baby involved, with this cute baby mop suit!


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