A day in the life of Mother Earth

Can one switch change the world? 

Yes, and you better believe it. Just a flick of a finger can create a domino effect for mankind’s own good, especially Mother Nature’s current state.

This time, when you decide to participate in Earth Hour, think of why you’re doing. Why are you joining millions of people around the world to be in darkness for an hour?

Well, it’s more than just a hype that we’re caught up in. It’s also more than something “fun” to do with friends. It’s more than leaving our house lights off while we continue to keep our eyes glued to our mobile phones. Alas, it’s more than just an event that requires us to switch off our lights for an hour.

This year, when we participate in this worldwide event, let’s go beyond the switch. It’s time to think about how a simple event can bring about change with enormous environmental impact. When you flick that switch, think about climate change and the effects it has on us.

If you’re noticing the rise in temperature while walking around the streets of Kuala Lumpur, you’re feeling the effects of global warming. The sudden change in temperature around the world and polar ice caps melting can’t be a good sign. In fact, according to nasa.gov, the earth’s average temperature has increase about 1 degree Fahrenheit in the 20th century.

While this might seem like a small matter, it’s an unusual even in Mother Nature’s history. Usually, the earth’s climate record is stable over long periods of time which means a small change corresponds to an enormous change in the environment.

With the intense heat coupled with the El Nino effect, our coral reefs are also threatened. In an article published by news.asiaone.com, Universiti Malaya coral reef ecologist Affendi Yang Amri shares that if the waters are at or above 31.5°C, they will start to bleach and die.

The situation doesn’t seem so dire now, the worst case scenario is if 90% of our coral reefs die. The El Nino phenomenon may be the cause, water pollution, fish bombing and coastal developments is contributing to this.

In addition to what’s happening in Malaysia, the world has seen drastic effects like the extinction and endangering of several animals, lack of clean air and water, even food crisis! The list is endless.

This time, when we switch off, let’s be wary of the consequences and let this more than a once-a-year event. Let’s “switch off” whenever we can to preserve our home.



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